Say Cheese! 3 Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want For Your Big Day

Weddings combine a mixture of emotion ranging from nervousness to adoration and fun. A professional photographer can offer ideas with regards to various traditional poses, but when it comes to your big day, there are some fun wedding poses that can assist in capturing your favorite memories. Tie in Some Family History Does your mother dream of seeing you walking down the aisle in the wedding dress she wore on her big day?

Three Important Casino Etiquette Rules To Follow

If you're planning to visit a San Diego casino or another casino elsewhere but haven't had any experience in this setting, you'll be amazed at the bright lights, exciting noises and the constant flow of people looking to win some cash. When you're ready to get into some gaming, it's important that you follow casino etiquette protocols. While every casino has a list of some of its important rules to follow, there are a number of universal unwritten rules that are important to know to avoid embarrassment or offending those around you.

Attending Atlanta's Comic Con With Kids: Skip The Autograph Line And Just Walk Around

Attending a comic con with young children is a lot of fun. They enjoy seeing their favorite characters and stars just as much, if not more, than you do. Standing in line for an autograph, however, is not how most five-year-olds would like to spend their afternoon. If you're bringing kids to Atlanta's comic convention, plan on skipping the autograph lines and just waving to celebrities. They'll have more fun, and you won't have to pay for signatures.

How To Set Up The Best Estate Sale Possible

If a loved one has recently passed away, you may have a lot of his or her personal belongings to tend to. A last will and testament might have dictated that certain items are to remain with loved ones. Then again, it might have indicated that everything must go. Either way, whatever you are left with that you want to get rid of can quickly find a new home when you set up an estate sale.

Five Ways To Keep Important Business Meetings More Focused

Are you in charge of planning your next big corporate meeting? Need ways to entice -- and then keep -- participants interested? Studies show a relationship between the amount of meetings that employees have to attend and their happiness in their jobs. So if you need to make sure people are more eager to come to a special corporate event, try these tips for running a less-than-dull meeting. 1. Change the setting.