Attending Atlanta's Comic Con With Kids: Skip The Autograph Line And Just Walk Around

Attending a comic con with young children is a lot of fun. They enjoy seeing their favorite characters and stars just as much, if not more, than you do. Standing in line for an autograph, however, is not how most five-year-olds would like to spend their afternoon. If you're bringing kids to Atlanta's comic convention, plan on skipping the autograph lines and just waving to celebrities. They'll have more fun, and you won't have to pay for signatures.

Don't Wait in Line for Autographs

Although meeting stars in-person, snapping photos with them and getting their autographs is one of the main things to do at a comic con, young children rarely have the patience required to stand in line. No matter how much your children insist they want to see a star, they'll probably become agitated a few minutes into the wait. Additionally, most stars charge for their autograph or picture, and the costs can quickly add up for you.

Therefore, don't spend your day at the comic con waiting in line for autographs. The minute your children spend with a celeb will quickly be forgotten, and young children won't appreciate an autograph. Instead, walk around and admire the many people you see -- both celebrities and attendees.

Shout "Hi" to Celebrities

Instead of waiting in line to meet stars, simply shout "hi" as you walk by. If the area is extremely crowded, you might not grab their attention. When there aren't as many people around, though, you and your children should be able to catch their eye. As you walk by, smile and wave. Most stars will wave back.

You won't get a picture for your children to take home, but they'll have the memory of their favorite star noticing them and saying "hi." Of all the people around them, the star they love will have smiled at them, specifically. That memory will be worth as much as an autograph, and it'll be about $20 to $50 cheaper.

Ask Attendees for Pictures

Your children will want something to take home, however, and pictures are a great souvenir. Look for attendees that are dressed up as your kids' favorite characters, and ask them if you could take their photo. In a young child's eyes, this is still a picture with their favorite character. As an added bonus, most attendees will be honored that your children liked their costume.

As you head to the Atlanta comic con, don't stress over what lines you're going to get in. Your kids will be bored in line, anyways. Instead, plan on just walking around and waving at anyone you see. You'll have fun, impromptu moments with stars, and you'll get some great, free pictures with attendees.