5 Fun Party Ideas You Can Host In Your Own Backyard

When planning a backyard party for kids or adults, why settle for a boring event with just cake and music? Choosing a fun party idea and making definite plans for a theme or activities can ensure that the guest of honor and everyone else has a great time, and that your party is the talk of the town. Consider some great ideas for a party you can host in your own backyard.

3 Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Using Picture Frames

Picture frames filled with favorite photos are excellent gifts for any occasion, but sometimes a simple frame with a simple picture can be a little too simple. To make a gift of an ordinary picture frame extraordinary, you can consider adding an extra special do-it-yourself touch to the frame itself or the picture it contains. What can you do to make a standard frame stand out? Here are 3 creative DIY gift ideas using ordinary picture frames and photos:

2 Ways To Make Your Wedding Event Tent Unique

With 2.3 million couples tying the knot throughout the United States each year, the wedding industry has expanded rapidly. If you are in the midst of planning your big day, you have likely considered investing in a tent from a company like http://www.joliettent.net to accommodate guests at an outdoor venue. While tents may seem a bit plain, they can easily be spruced up with a few simple embellishments. Try incorporating these two design elements into your wedding plans to make your event tent feel more luxurious.