5 Fun Party Ideas You Can Host In Your Own Backyard

When planning a backyard party for kids or adults, why settle for a boring event with just cake and music? Choosing a fun party idea and making definite plans for a theme or activities can ensure that the guest of honor and everyone else has a great time, and that your party is the talk of the town. Consider some great ideas for a party you can host in your own backyard.

1. Play paintball

You don't need a large backyard to have a paintball party. Consider setting up a few barricades on either side of your yard with some goals in the front and back of the area. Map out a few objectives and use smaller paintball guns meant for smaller spaces. This can be a great theme for adults and kids alike.

2. Have a Hawaiian luau.

To host a Hawaiian luau, be sure to have a limbo pole ready and have all your guests see if they can slide under it. Encourage everyone to dress in their Hawaiian and island holiday clothes and provide flowers for everyone as they arrive. Get everyone on their feet for a hula dancing lesson.

3. Try summer bowling

Wood bowling pins and a few light bowling balls are very affordable to rent and you can set up a bowling lane in your backyard with some scrap firewood. Have each guest take turns and keep score to see who wins by the end of the day. You can even have a few inexpensive trophies made up for them to take home.

4. Have a Halloween or horror theme

If your guest of honor loves horror movies and scary stories, why wait until Halloween to break out the scary decorations? Create a backyard cemetery or make your garage into a haunted house complete with scary music, cobwebs, and all the other fun touches that most people bring out during Halloween season. You can even string ghosts to your clothesline and use chicken wire to form spooky figures you place around your backyard for a fun and scary touch.

5. Choose a 1920s theme and film

You can easily rent a large screen for a backyard film, and opt for a 1920s theme with everyone dressed in their flapper and gangster best. Opt for a black and white, silent film from that decade. Use black and white for your decorations to keep with the theme and play jazz music. This makes for a fun and festive event that all your guests will love.

And no party is complete without balloons. Use bright, simple, or neutral colors to fit any of these themes. If you want to go all out, contact a company like Arizona Air Boutique Inc. for help orchestrating the balloons at your party.