Postmodernism Poetry

Postmodernism PoetryPostmodernism poetry is very different than the classic or romantic poetry that many of us are used to. The biggest difference between this fairly new type of poetry and older, classic poetry is the lack of a structure. Most poetry is structured, limiting the amount of words, spaces or syllables used in a line, or the entire poem. However, when it comes to postmodernism poetry, anything goes. This allows the poet to be as creative as they want in their structure.

What Caused the Postmodernism Movement?

What Caused the Postmodernism Movement?Classic poetry had very few changes to it for decades. However, that all suddenly changed in the 1960s when postmodernism poetry burst on the scene. There were three main reasons why this type of poetry suddenly became popular, the biggest reason was that people and poets alike were looking for a change. The 1960s were all about changes, self discovery and free thinking. This type of poetry allowed for all of these things, which is why it quickly became popular.

Three Famous Postmodernism Poets

Three Famous Postmodernism PoetsThere are many poets who have impacted postmodernism poetry. However, Richard Brautigan, Charles Simic and Rita Dove have all had a greater impact than other poets. They all embody exactly what postmodernism poetry should be, yet put their own personal spin on their poetry that helps to set their works apart from others. Read on to find out a little bit more about each of these poets and to read a brief excerpt from one of their most famous pieces of poetry.