3 Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Using Picture Frames

Picture frames filled with favorite photos are excellent gifts for any occasion, but sometimes a simple frame with a simple picture can be a little too simple. To make a gift of an ordinary picture frame extraordinary, you can consider adding an extra special do-it-yourself touch to the frame itself or the picture it contains. What can you do to make a standard frame stand out? Here are 3 creative DIY gift ideas using ordinary picture frames and photos:

Photo Mosaic

If you've chosen an especially large frame, you can create a mosaic featuring various photos and place it inside the frame. Glue or tape photos together to a sheet of thick paper that can be placed inside the backing of the frame. When you cut photographs, make sure to make the shapes as diverse as possible. Some photos can be cut into squares, for example, while others can be cut into circles. Use markers or paint to fill in whatever blank space is left behind when the photos are in place.

Frame Artwork

If you have multiple picture frames and multiple photos to put on display, you can combine different frames to make a unique piece of artwork that's perfect for gift giving. Smaller photos work best here. Place a photo in each frame, then glue the frames together without gluing together the back panels where photos are placed. Measure the frames as you are gluing to ensure the frames evenly line up. Attach a heavy hanging clamp in the back to make sure the entire unit can be properly mounted.

Personalized Frame and Photo

By going the personalized/custom frame route, you can create a picture frame that's catered to the person you're buying a gift for. If you're buying a friend a frame for their high school graduation, for example, you can place a customized message on the frame stating the date and their name. After the frame has been customized, fill it with the perfect photo, then glue various pieces of memorability inside the frame to make the entire gift special. Ribbons, stickers, memorable receipts/ticket stubs, and sequins can turn an ordinary photo into one that's very personal.

When it comes to giving the perfect gift to a friend or loved one, giving a simple photo frame an additional, personal touch can encourage the recipient to smile extra wide upon receiving your gift. If you're interested in ordering customized picture frames, contact Trapani Art & Frame.