Say Cheese! 3 Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want For Your Big Day

Weddings combine a mixture of emotion ranging from nervousness to adoration and fun. A professional photographer can offer ideas with regards to various traditional poses, but when it comes to your big day, there are some fun wedding poses that can assist in capturing your favorite memories.

Tie in Some Family History

Does your mother dream of seeing you walking down the aisle in the wedding dress she wore on her big day? Unfortunately, her dream dress may not be your ideal gown. However, that does not mean you can't find a way to incorporate your mother's or even your grandmother's dress into your wedding photos.

There are a few ways you can tie in your family's history by displaying the wedding dresses of both your mother and grandmother. One idea is to have the photographer take pictures the day before your wedding. If your mother and grandmother can still wear their dresses, have them pose alongside you as a way of paying homage to your family's history.

If the dresses no longer fit or one of these special ladies is no longer present in your life, considering purchasing dress forms. Place the dresses on the forms and have your photographer take a picture of you standing next to them. Not only will the picture capture the uniqueness of your family, it will also capture your uniqueness. The picture can help reflect the changes in tone and style from one special wedding day to the next.

Another fun way to incorporate your family's history is to hold up wedding pictures of your parents. Share a kiss in the foreground while the photographer snaps a pic of you, your husband, and the pictures of your parents' wedding photo.

Recreate Some Memorable Scenes

Scene recreation seems to be trending lately in the world of photographers, and your wedding day should be no different. Scene recreation can be a great way to add some fun to your big day. For example, you can recreate the album cover of your favorite band.

Are you a Beatles fan? Then consider recreating the cover for Abbey Road. Have your groomsmen lineup on a crosswalk for this recreation picture. Once you have the pictures printed, you can use them to create CD covers containing some of your favorite wedding music and give them out as thank you gifts to people who attended your big day.

In truth, your scene recreation options are endless. All it takes is a bit of creativity on your part and on your photographer's behalf. If nothing else, let your photographer know that you would like to do a scene recreation for your big day. The photographer can likely offer you plenty of ideas that will work based on your needs, wants, and likes.

Ask Everyone to Have Fun

Most importantly, make sure you ask everyone to have fun with picture taking. There is a time for serious poses, and your photographer will let you know when that is. However, a photographer's best work is often captured when the subject is unaware that the picture is being taken. Therefore, relax, be yourself, and let the photographer capture all of the fun of your big day.

If you would like your photographer to capture some specific fun poses, there are a couple of options to choose from. One idea is to go with a perspective shot. A perspective shot can make it seem like a person or object is far smaller or larger than it really is. Why not show your dad that you are still his little girl by taking a perspective shot with him?

You will need to stand a distance back from your father in the foreground of the picture. Have your father hold out his hand in order to make it look like he is holding you in his palm. The message of the picture is both fun and sentimental.

Another idea is to take a silly picture with the members of your bridal party and members of your family. Forgo the traditional smiles in place of "bunny ears" and funny faces. You and your guests will be able to look back on the unique photos and love at the memories captured that day.

Let your wedding photographer know that you are looking for unique and fun photos outside of the traditional poses. Your photographer can likely offer you several other options aside from those listed here to help make your big day a memorable one.