Why Is It Important To Play A Tuned Piano

Piano tuning can be a somewhat expensive maintenance task, but it's very important for several reasons. Here are some of the most important benefits to getting your piano tuned regularly.  It Helps You Learn Pitch Playing a piano that's in tune will help you learn what the correct pitches sound like. It helps you understand what the chords should sound like when they are in tune as well. It's all part of becoming a musician, and it's a skill that you can learn somewhat passively through playing a piano that sounds right.

How To Host The Perfect Afternoon Tea Party

Whether you're planning a bridal shower, a birthday party, or just getting the girls together, an afternoon tea party can be perfect for any occasion. If a day of feeling glamorous and classy sounds like a good time, here is a handy guide to planning your own tea party. Pull Out the China. A tea party is a great excuse to get out all your rarely-used formal dinnerware. Ask around among your friends and family, and you just might find that you can borrow quite a collection of beautiful saucers, tea cups, tea pots, sugar bowls, cake plates, and serving ware.

4 Critically Acclaimed T.V. Shows That Were Based On Non-Fiction Books

Fiction books are often the source of inspiration for popular TV shows (Game of Thrones, True Blood, Justified, just to name a few), but there are also some television series that have been based off of non-fiction material. While you might think that these shows would be dry, they are anything but. They are innovative, surprising, and full of drama. Here is a list of 4 of the most acclaimed television shows to be adapted from non-fiction books.

Keeping Children Safe When They Are Playing in a Party-Rental Bounce House

If you are planning on hosting a children's party in the near future, entertaining the children for the duration of the event is a task you will want to be successful at so everyone has a good time. Consider renting a bounce house from a local party-rental company to give the children some exercise and enjoyment during the party. Here are some tips to follow when using a bounce house at your child's party that will help to keep things orderly and people safe.

5 Fun Party Ideas You Can Host In Your Own Backyard

When planning a backyard party for kids or adults, why settle for a boring event with just cake and music? Choosing a fun party idea and making definite plans for a theme or activities can ensure that the guest of honor and everyone else has a great time, and that your party is the talk of the town. Consider some great ideas for a party you can host in your own backyard.