Wedding Chair Rentals: 3 Accessories To Help Prevent Damage

A wedding is essentially a big party, and you never know what can happen at large events when crowds get excited. After your wedding festivities end, the last thing you want to worry about is damage to chair rentals and extra costs associated with the damage. With some proper planning, you can enjoy your wedding and reception without much worry for the chair rentals.

As you plan out the wedding chairs for rent, consider some accessories to prevent damage and allow your wedding to go smoothly.

1. Chair Covers

Add an extra layer of protection when you rent chair covers with all of the chairs. The chair covers can prevent dings and scratches from guests. The cover also adds extra protection for any food or drink spills that could occur. When you add chair covers to your rental, you may have a few color options available.

Select color options that match your wedding colors and will fit into the whole reception area. Wedding chair rental companies will often set up the chairs with the covers attached so you do not have to go through the manual process yourself.

2. Chair Sliders

At a wedding reception, guests may constantly get out of their seats to get more food, more drinks, or to socialize with others. To help avoid any potential chair damage and make everything go smoothly, consider chair rentals with sliders built into the legs. The soft pads attached under each chair leg allow the chair to move smoothly across surfaces like hardwood or carpet.

Guests can easily get up out of their chairs and you can prevent any damage or injuries from a chair leg getting caught on a surface. Read through the chair rental descriptions to see which ones have sliders and can make the process a lot easier to complete.

3. Children's Chairs

Children move around a lot, climb on chairs, or they may be too small to sit properly in a standard chair. Instead of placing a child in a standard chair, you have the opportunity to rent children's chairs along with the more traditional options. A children's chair often includes a solid one-piece design so the chair does not crack or break if it goes through a lot of physical handling.

Metal legs offer sturdy support for the chair and allow a child to sit comfortably throughout a wedding ceremony or reception. Like the other chairs, you could request specific colors of the children's chairs to match your wedding colors.

Contact a wedding chair rental company to request these specific extras and then relax as you enjoy your wedding day with family and loved ones. Keep these tips in mind when looking for wedding chairs to rent from local suppliers.