Keeping Children Safe When They Are Playing in a Party-Rental Bounce House

If you are planning on hosting a children's party in the near future, entertaining the children for the duration of the event is a task you will want to be successful at so everyone has a good time. Consider renting a bounce house from a local party-rental company to give the children some exercise and enjoyment during the party. Here are some tips to follow when using a bounce house at your child's party that will help to keep things orderly and people safe. 

Set Up a Schedule for Usage Times

It is a good idea to post a schedule outside of the bounce house showing what times someone will be monitoring the toy so children stay safe. If there is a wide range of age groups using the toy, consider posting specific times when the youngest attendees can use the activity without the risk of older kids being inside at the same time. This way, everyone will get to use the toy equally, making the bounce house enjoyable for all as a result. Another idea is to have children go inside in pairs. This will keep the house from becoming too crowded, which often leads to injury. Make sure a parent monitors the enclosure whenever children are using it.

Consider Using the Toy for Games

If you are worried about children becoming injured inside of the bounce house, consider making it a "games-only" activity for those attending. Have a list of bounce-house games ready for the children to enjoy. Designate someone to read the rules of each game to the children and to make sure there are not too many people inside of the enclosure at one time. The children will be more apt to listen to the instructions of the games if there is a prize to be won at the end of each event. This will help eliminate horseplay inside of the bounce house, making it more fun for those using it.

Keep a Constant Watch for Inclement Weather

If you set up a bounce house when inclement weather is in the forecast, it is important to keep on top of a storm's location so you can get children out of the toy right away if necessary. Wet weather can cause slipping, making it easy for children to get hurt inside of the bounce house. High winds are also a concern, as the apparatus could tip over if it is not secured to the ground well enough. Have the party-rental company set the bounce house on a flat surface to help avoid tipping or windblown accidents.