3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Opening A Fireworks Store

There are few things more exciting during the summer holidays than a big fireworks show in a park or other open area. In some states, smaller fireworks can be easily purchased by individuals to enjoy on their own property as well. The excitement generated over fireworks is just one reason why opening a store or booth that sells them makes sense. You'll need to keep in mind a few things before actually being designated as an official fireworks retailer. Take a look at just three of the most important ones below. 

Get Insured

There's very little you can do when it comes to opening a fireworks store unless you're insured. That's why purchasing liability insurance should be first on your list of things to accomplish. Policies will vary based on how many fireworks you plan to store at any given time, where your store or booth will be located, and the type of fireworks you'll sell. It's best to have all of this information decided before shopping around for an insurance policy. 

Obtain a License

Once you've purchased liability insurance, contact the appropriate licensing organizations at both the local and state levels. These may include a county fire department, city hall, or other permit issuers. Once you've submitted the proper documentation, you may also be asked to schedule an inspection by the city or county fire marshal. Remember, licensing isn't optional, and deciding to sell fireworks without a license can bring with it heavy fines and even a prison sentence.

Store Your Fireworks Properly

When you know that you are legally allowed to sell fireworks, you can begin creating an inventory and planning how to store them. Being careless about the way in which you store your fireworks can have deadly consequences, so it is important that you don't take on the task casually. Make sure that you have plenty of space in a dry, cool area, and that your fireworks are neatly put away in boxes. Ideally, these boxes should be plastic or metal and able to be sealed completely. It is also a good idea to store your fireworks off the ground, as damp fireworks are effectively useless. It is also worthwhile to check your storage plans against local and state guidelines, as some prohibit the storage of certain fireworks near the front of the store. If you store your fireworks properly, then you won't have to worry about anything ruining the celebrations.

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