Offer Interactive Water Activities During Your Next Company Picnic

If you are looking for a way for you and your employees to cool off during your annual picnic, rent some equipment that can be used during interactive water competitions. Water sports can include team matches and one-on-one rivalries.

A Dunking Tank

A single dunking tank or a dual set of tanks can be used for a wide range of competitions. With the use of a single tank, one participant can assume the role of the dunkee. This person will be sitting on a collapsible bench seat. During the course of play, the other attendees of your event can take turns tossing balls toward a target.

Upon hitting the target, the dunkee's seat will collapse and place the individual in the water. For a dual tank setup, request that two of your guests volunteer to sit in the tanks. Host a trivia match that requires the dunkees to answer random questions.

With any game that is going to utilize a dunking tank, you may need a cage or fence enclosure and a series of balls. A company that rents tanks may supply a complete tank setup that includes all of the items needed to execute a competition.

A Slide And Tube Combo

Some rental outfitters feature inflatable water slides that can be used with inner tubes. This type of slide will need to be inflated prior to use. A water hose will need to be attached to the slide. Some inflatables feature dual tracks and a small pool that is attached to the base of each slide.

Choose a slide that contains an incline or one that features a flat, straight track that will be aligned directly against the ground. Either type of rental should be set up on a grassy surface.  Use a slide and tube combo to host individual races against the clock or dual competitions that require two people to race against each other.

A Balloon Toss And A Misting Tent

A balloon toss that utilizes latex balloons that are filled with water can be set up along a flat part of the property where the party is being held. If you rent a misting tent, guests who are watching the balloon toss will be supplied with shade and cooling relief.

A misting tent contains nozzles that are strategically placed along the underside of the fabric that a tent is constructed of. After putting up a misting net, a water nozzle will need to be attached to the tent.

Contact an interactive game rental company to learn more.