Tips To Improve Your Mini Golf Game

Mini golf is sometimes perceived as the kid-friendly version of golf, but this game isn't just for children to have fun with. Mini golf can be a highly studied game that requires skill, and more advanced players can become quite competitive during matches. If you want to take a competitive approach to mini golf, use these tips to improve your game.

Choose a Putter That's Properly Sized

Make sure the putter you select is properly sized for your body. Specifically, pay attention to the height of the putter.

The height of the putter matters more than any other factor, for the height will directly influence you straight you can swing. A putter that's too tall will force you to lean back during each swing, and one that's too short will have you crouched forward. In both of these positions, you'll struggle to keep your body perfectly aligned.

A putter that's the right height will allow you to stand straight up while taking a swing, thus making it easy to keep your feet, hips, and shoulders properly aligned as your arms go backward and forward.

Ideally, your putter should come up to your belt but no further. This will ensure it doesn't poke your belly, and it will let your hands naturally fall in the midsection of the putter's grip.

Use the Putter Like a Pool Stick

The obstacles on a mini golf course can sometimes trap a ball in an area where hitting the ball is difficult. While a mulligan may be an option when this happens, taking a mulligan costs you an additional stroke on your score. If you can find a creative way to strike your ball when it's trapped, that method is usually preferable to taking an extra stroke on the hole.

If your ball is trapped, try using the putter like a cue stick rather than a traditional golf putter. Crouch down along the ground, place the top end of the putter near the ball, and hold the putter parallel to the ground as if you were to strike a cue ball on a billiards table. The head of the putter that normally strikes the ball should be behind you.

This level of creativity might look strange, but it could get you a good strike on an otherwise trapped ball. In the game of mini golf, tricks like these are frequently what set the champions apart from the rest of the field of players.

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