Embracing Nature While Staying Prepared - Packing For A Mountain Lodge Getaway

America's natural beauty provides a wide variety of opportunities to escape into the wilderness and embrace fresh air and magnificent vistas. Perhaps no spot is more fitting for this purpose than a mountain lodge, and if you're excited for a rejuvenating getaway, it's important that you take steps to make sure you're properly prepared.

Below, you'll find a guide to some things you should be sure to pack for your stay in mountain lodging. Following these suggestions will allow you to make sure you can embrace your trip without frustrations, and can form the basis for a memorable escape that allow you to truly hit the reset button on your life.

Skin Protection

Up on a mountain, there are a number of challenges to your skin that may be more pronounced than at sea level. The thinner air can result in increased exposure to ultraviolet rays, for example, making sunscreen an absolute necessity. Dry air also leads to dry skin, putting even more emphasis on moisturizing.

It's also important that you protect yourself from bug bites. Any time you're in the wilderness, you're risking increased exposure to fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other pests, so packing insect repellant to keep your skin safe should be an important part of your preparations.

Entertainment Items

For many people, heading out into the wilderness is a great excuse to unplug and step away from the electronic trappings of modern life. That doesn't mean that you should spend your entire trip staring aimlessly into the sky, and bringing the right kinds of entertainment can allow you to get exactly what you want out of your lodging stay.

If you're headed off with friends or loved ones, make sure that you pack board games which will allow you to come together and form fun memories. Otherwise, consider packing a few books that you've been off reading, and take the time in bright sunlight and clear air to dive in to interesting literature.

Snacks and Treats

Basic planning will lead you to pack food for meals, but if you're going to enjoy a trip to the mountains, you may as well allow yourself to be indulgent. Pack snack food that you want to eat, and consider bringing nutritional treats if you're planning to head out on vigorous hikes. Also, if you enjoy alcohol, a few relaxing drinks under the mountain air can be an excellent way to kick back, wind down, and truly appreciate your mountain lodging.