Dedicated Content Versus Multi-Game Streaming

Video game streaming creates ways to deliver content that no one knew they needed, with amazing success. Although it's true that there's bound to be someone interested in anything, career streamers or streamers looking to become popular in a reasonable amount of time need to look for the more likely streaming paths. If you're trying to make your mark in the gaming world, or just need some content to mix around with your primary but low viewer count ideas, consider the differences between reviewing multiple games or becoming a dedicated player for a specific game.

Multiple Games To Chase The Hype Train

When a new game is coming out or has a demo available, gamers around the world want to get a first impression of the gameplay. There are many different reasons to watch new game videos, and it's good to understand those reasons in order to make sure your videos check all of the marketable boxes.

For simple previews, gamers want any information they can get. Before a game comes out, consider displaying trailers, promotional materials and any official information with your own commentary. Although there's no shortage of commentary for games on the internet, gamers seeking as much information as possible will want to review different sources to build the best picture possible.

Demo gameplay is where even a saturated market can still deliver unique streaming content. Everyone plays games differently, and it's not difficult to play the game from different angles to give more information that the other demo players may not have covered. 

If you're a skilled gamer, every new game that you review will be a treat to players, since you'll be able to pull off tricks and feats that look cooler than anything the average players could hope to accomplish in the first few days. A streamer who barely manages to walk around and accomplish goals in the game is at a slight disadvantage, but may still have a chance if they review the environment and options of a game.

The same techniques are useful when the full game is released. For every game, be sure to use some sort of formula for showcasing the game. General playthroughs, advanced techniques, and deeper looks at storyline can have their own videos and separate playlists on certain video game streaming sites, allowing you to cover different aspects of a game that different viewers may care about without completely alienating other groups.

Dedicated Game Coverage

Are you dedicated to a specific game and the community surrounding it? From the oldest video game communities around fighting games like Street Fighter to the modern League of Legends or World of Warcraft groups, there's a lot of deep content to cover.

If you're going down the dedicated route, make sure to organize your streaming into different categories. Fighting games, for example, have different topics to cover involving the playable character techniques, ways to counter enemies, tournament schedules, and changes to the game if it's a new game that receives updates.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft have regular changes to the systems for different character classes. In addition to talking about the gameplay in general, discussing these changes at large can be a channel in its own right and sought after by players trying to maintain a competitive edge.

Track down a group video game streaming sites and look for the most popular trends in streaming to figure out what content is in demand and whether you have a style that's missing from the streaming culture. For more information, visit websites like