How To Ensure Your Wedding DJ Gets It Right

When it comes to music and dancing, there are lots of different opinions and tastes. A song that one person finds fun, another might find grating. Of course, at your wedding, you get to have final say over what music your guests hear, and you are under no obligation to try to please everyone. But, there are certain considerations you'll want to make according to your wedding theme and your personal preferences. When hiring a wedding DJ, you'll need to make sure they are on the same page as far as the music goes. Although DJs usually have some signature playlists, take the following steps to ensure your wedding DJ gets it right.

Inform The DJ About the Venue

Acoustics are different according to the size and shape of the space where the music will be played. DJs usually arrive with their own sound equipment, and they may need different components depending on the venue. For example, speakers that are adequate for a hotel banquet room may not be powerful enough to project in a warehouse-sized space.

The more you can share with the wedding DJ about the space they will be performing in, the better they can prepare their sound equipment so that the sound is optimal.

Accommodate the DJ's Playing Area

Your wedding DJ will likely have a standard setup they like to use while working. They may like to have a table and chair, or prefer to be on a riser, where they can better gauge how the audience is reacting to the music. If you try to stuff your wedding DJ into a small corner and expect them to do a great job, you might find they can't do their work as well as you might have hoped.

Coordinate with the DJ ahead of time to find out what you need to provide, as well as what they will bring with them. Let them have a say in where their station will be located at the venue. Be sure to ask about their needs for lighting and electrical outlets, too.

Make a List of Best and Least Favorite Songs

The best wedding DJs have song lists that they typically play at weddings. However, you may have a personal preference or distaste for certain songs. While you want to give your wedding DJ some creative license, it would be unfortunate if you had to listen to a song you hate or didn't get to dance to your favorite wedding songs.

Give your DJ a list of songs you definitely don't want to hear, as well as a list of songs you wish to be included in the playlist. That way, there won't be any surprises coming from the DJ.

When you and your DJ work together on these three tips, you can help ensure that your wedding DJ will get it right on your wedding day.