Have A Spook-Tacular Experience: 8 Tips For Visiting A Haunted House

Are you planning to celebrate Halloween in style this year? If so, you probably plan on visiting a haunted house or two this autumn. Before you head out for a spook-tacular time, make sure that you understand a few tips about visiting a haunted house.

1. Visit the haunted house with 3 to 5 people.

These attractions are often best visited with a small group rather than with a couple people or a large group. Going with just a few other people gives you the opportunity to have a creepier experience.

2. Ensure you can cope with fog and strobe lights.

For those with certain medical conditions (like epilepsy), fog and lights can have physical side effects. It is important to keep note of special effects like these before you go inside the attraction.

3. Avoid haunted houses while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Being under the influence can make it difficult to enjoy the experience, but it can also make you react differently than you ordinarily would to the scary things going on around you.

4. Never touch the actors or props.

It is never a good idea to touch anything you do not have to in a haunted house. In fact, you could be charged with assault if you touch one of the actors inside.

5. Do not film the haunted house or take photos.

Not only can this ruin your experience and the experience of those around you, but any lights on your camera may make it more difficult for the actors to see in the dark.

6. Dress appropriately.

Close-toed shoes are great for haunted houses. You should avoid sandals and any clothing that will make it difficult for you to navigate through corridors that are occasionally tight.

7. Bringing children? Check to see if there is a "low scare" opportunity.

Certain days at the attraction may offer the opportunity for children to walk through without many of the super scary moments. This is more enjoyable for everybody.

8. Come early in the season.

It is typically cheaper and easier to visit a haunted house in September or early October. It is also a good idea to visit between Sunday and Thursday rather than on the weekends. You will have a much different experience than if you visit on the weekends or closer to Halloween.

In following these tips, you are sure to have a great haunted house 2016 experience. Happy haunting!