The Longest Commitment You Will Ever Make: The Top Three Tattoos To Avoid

One of the only things that lasts forever is a tattoo. Tattoos are used to express your inner self and should not be taken lightly. For example, you may have found the love of your life today, but if that person is not the love of your life a year from now, you will have a lot of explaining to do to your new significant other. Before you take the plunge and make a lifelong commitment, below are the top three tattoos that you should always steer clear of.

Tattoos In A Different Language

Some of the most popular tattoos are words or phrases in a different language. Many times, people get tattoos in languages that they don't even speak. How will you know if your "Love" in Japanese tattoo really says "Love" in Japanese? You can never be too sure with a language you don't speak, so it is best to stay away from these types of tattoos.

Instead, find a word or a phrase the means a lot to your and have that tattooed in a font that you like. This is ensure that you are actually getting the word or phrase that you want while adding a little personality to it.

Drunk Tattoos

It does not matter how many times your best friend says it's a good idea, it is always a bad idea to get a tattoo while you are drunk. Things that sound like a good idea while intoxicated, usually aren't. Even if you have always wanted a tattoo, it is best to wait until you are sober and clear minded to make that decision. A tattoo will be one of the longest commitments you will ever make, while a "good" drunk idea will only last until the next morning.

Wait until you are sober to get that tattoo that you've always wanted. If you do it while you are drunk, you won't even have the ability to pick out the right one helps express who you really are. You may think that the poorly drawn version of Marvin the Martian depicts you perfectly, but when you wake up the next morning, it just might be the worst decision you ever made.

Partner Tattoos

At the beginning of every relationship you go through the "honeymoon stage" where everything is rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. While it may be tempting to profess your love to your newfound soul mate, it is best to stay away from these tattoos. Nothing is written in stone, including relationships. Somewhere down the road, you may find that you are your partner are not as compatible as you once thought and you are left with a tattoo of their name branded on your body forever. You will have a constant reminder of a relationship that didn't last.

If you feel that you must prove your love to your partner with ink, find a tattoo of something that reminds you of that person. Find something that symbolizes that person. If the relationship goes south, instead of having a name permanently with you, you have a symbol of a life lesson. A symbol will also be a lot easier to explain to your new partner than a name.

Tattoos are a huge commitment and should be something that symbolizes who you are as an individual. Before you make a tattoo mistake, steer clear of the tattoos listed above and your decision will be much easier to make.

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